Minutes: AGM 2015


Minutes of the Harvard University Club of Ottawa

Annual General Meeting

Le Cordon Bleu Signatures Restaurant

5:40 PM December 1, 2015

1. President’s Report

John Baenziger served his first year as President of the Club with a view on providing a broad range of intellectually stimulating, fun, and collegial events.

Twelve events were held in the past year:

  • A talk from Marc Lepage, the President and CEO of Genome Quebec;
  • A gathering of Harvard Grads in a local pub to watch “The Game” between Harvard and Yale;
  • Book club events with local authors Andrew Cohen and Charlotte Gray, to discuss their books “2 days in June, JFK and the 48 hours that made History” and “The Massey Murder; A Maid, her Master, and the Trial that shocked the country”;
  • A gathering at the residence of the Mexican Ambassador to discuss Mexico-Canada relations over Mexican appetizers and wine;
  • A lecture from Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Michael Norton entitled “Happy Money”;
  • Tours of the Ottawa light rail transit from above and the Colville Exhibit at the National Gallery;
  • Harvard Global Networking events which included a presentation from Invest Ottawa.
  • The events were organized by the executive, which includes Ron Cohen, James Junke, Margaret Huber, Kyle McRobie, Meghan Sullivan, Renate Harrison, Alayna Miller, Melanie Adrian, Brigitte DesRochers, Gabriel Poliquin, Peter Kieran, Meghan Brown-Saavedra, Chris Baird, Larry Woods, Olivier Dufourmantelle and Past President Lewis Auerbach. Thanks are given to each and all of them.

Upcoming events are in various stages of preparation, and include:

  • An event with Alexander Shelley, the new Music Director of the National Arts Center;
  • A conference by a Harvard Speaker, potentially professor Steve Jarding from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, to discuss political campaign management and strategy;
  • A “Harvard Canada” event at the Agha Khan Museum in Toronto, to be attended by Harvard President Faust;
  • A visit to a local brewery owned by a Harvard grad, and possibly a tour of the Tweed Medical Marijuana facility in Smith Falls;
  • An event with Melanie Adrian on her book “Religious Freedom at Risk: The EU, French Schools, and Why the Veil was Banned”;

Our Global Networking events.

  • Retiring Executive Committee members will be honored by way of small donations to the charity or non profit organization of their choice. John adds his own donation and invites attendees to do the same.
  • Renate Harrison is a graduate of Harvard Law School and runs a private law practice. She organized our Global Networking events and her charity of choice is The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), Canadian Anglican church organization with a focus on emergency relief, refugees, development and justice.
  • Meghan Brown-Saavedra, is the Minister of Discipleship and Youth at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Kanata She has been our membership secretary for the past few years, and she organized a salon with the Mexican Ambassador to Canada. Her chosen charity is Matthew House Ottawa, a refugee services/furniture bank that helps people establish connected, safe, healthy, and dignified homes within our community.
  • Melanie Adrian is retiring from the executive while she is on sabbatical from her teaching position at the Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University. She served as Vice President, GSAS. Her chosen charity is Be the Choice – an organization that is transforming the way breast cancer diagnoses are experienced and treatment options understood.
  • Peter Kieran was appointed as Treasurer in 1992 and served admirably as our treasurer since then, except from 1995-1997 when he “took time off” to be President of the Harvard Club. He is Chairman CPCS Transcom Limited, a management consulting firm. We extend strong gratitude for Peter’s incredible service. His chosen charity is Project Chance Africa, a one-woman non-profit organization that helps children & families in the Mathare Slum of Nigeria.
  • Our past president, Lewis Auerbach, has also created a fund in honour of his classmate Governor General David Johnston. He offers to match donations within a given timeframe.

2. Treasurer’s Report

Peter Kieran reported that Harvard Club of Ottawa operated at a surplus of $2,164 this past year. Events organized by the Club earned an income of $3,931 including some payments for the Genomics event held in 2015/16 versus direct expenses of $2,625 for a healthy gain of $1,305. Membership revenue was down from last year but still reasonable. Administrative expenses were lower than normal. The closing balances in our accounts at September 30, 2015 after payment of all expenses totalled $12,208 and provide an excellent base for the coming years.

3. Nominations and Election of 2015-16 Executive

John Baenziger and Lewis Auerbach, Chair of the Nominating Committee, proposed the following candidates for the Executive Committee of the Harvard Club of Ottawa:

  • Executive Vice President – Margaret Huber
  • Vice President, HKS; Recording Secretary - James Junke
  • Vice President, HLS Events; Treasurer – Gabriel Poliquin
  • Vice President, Art and Architecture Events - Brigitte Desrochers
  • Vice President, HBS; President, HBS Club - Kyle McRobie
  • Vice President, Digital Media and Communications - Meghan Sullivan
  • Vice President, Harvard College; Book Club Convenor - Alayna Miller
  • Vice President, Networking Events – Chris Goodhew
  • Vice President, Membership Services - Leila El-Khatib
  • Vice President, GSAS - (vacant)
  • Director, Schools Committee - Chris Baird
  • Directors at Large - Larry Woods, Olivier Dufourmantelle, Ron Cohen, Margaux McDonald

Motion to elect the new executive is put by Barry McLoughlin and seconded by Penny Colenette.

Ongoing two-year terms:

  • President – John Baenziger
  • Past President (ex officio) – Lewis Auerbach

Ongoing three-year term:

  • Director for Canada on the HAA Board of Directors (ex officio) – Lewis Auerbach

4 Adjournment was proposed by Barry McLoughlin and seconded by all.