Minutes: AGM 2014


77 5.51.50 PM Minutes of the Harvard University Club of Ottawa

National Arts Centre

November 25, 2014


1. Outgoing President's Report - Lew Auerbach

Lew noted that during his 3 year presidency, he tried to facilitate intellectual discussion in order to make a contribution to the community.  The club held 24 events on topics ranging from addiction to human rights to internet policy etc. Speakers included academics, public servants, ambassadors, and the former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.  Lew also noted that the club’s social media presence has grown.  This was truly a team effort by the entire Executive Board.

Of the 2014 Executive Board, 4 members are finishing their terms.  To thank each outgoing member, the Harvard Club is making a donation to the charity of their choice: Kim Ellard,  the Ottawa Food Bank; Martha McDougall,  Serenity Renewal for Families; Penny Collenette, Citizen Advocacy, and Tom Allgoewer: Basic Income Canada Network.  In addition to these these charities, the Harvard Club has donated to the following charities over the last 3 years: Ottawa Inner City Health, Restorative Justice, National Youth and Education Trust of the NAC Foundation, Canada Without Poverty, the Ottawa Hospital, the Lieutenant Governor’s Aboriginal Summer Reading Camp, and Canada at Harvard Financial Aid Fund (in honour of the Governor General).  Lew will continue to match donations to the Harvard Financial Aid Fund.


2. Treasurer’s Report – Lew Auerbach

Lew delivered the Treasurer’s report in Peter Kieran’s absence.  Lew noted that the report was from July 31. The financial position of the Club has improved since then, due to a recent influx of funds from new and renewed memberships.  Ron Cohen introduced a motion to approve the report, Margaret supported. All present were in favour.


3. Nominations and Election of 2014-2015 Executive – Penny Collenette

Penny noted that it has been a pleasure to meet all the members of the Executive Board. She has had a wonderful time and has developed incredible friendships.  She is proud of the work and donations of the club to date.  Penny recognized Lew and thanked him for his patience, wisdom, good humour, graciousness, hospitality.  Although in the past, the club has struggled to secure Board members, for 2014 – 2015 there are 18 nominees, including 8 women and many bilingual members.  The nominees include:

  • John Baenziger = President
  • Ron Cohen = Executive VP
  • Margaret Huber = VP, International Events
  • Kyle McRobie = VP, HBS
  • James Junke = Recording Secretary; Vice President, HKS
  • Peter Kieran = Treasurer
  • Meghan Sullivan = VP, Digital Media and Communications
  • Meghan Brown-Saavedra = Membership Secretary
  • Alayna Miller = VP, Harvard College; Book Club Convenor
  • Renate Harrison = VP Networking Events
  • Melanie Adrian = VP, GSAS
  • Brigitte Desrochers = VP, Arts and Architecture Events
  • Chris Baird = Director, Schools Committee
  • Larry Woods = Director at Large, HBS and wine events
  • Gabriel Poliquin = VP, HLS Events, Family Events
  • Olivier Dufourmantelle = Director at Large
  • Lewis Auerbach = Past President (ex officio), Chair, Nominations Committee
  • Johnathan Guss = HGAA Director for Canada (ex officio)

Barry McLaughlin introduced a motion to approve the report, Anita supported. All present were in favour.


4. Incoming President’s Remarks (John)

John thanked everyone for their support, especially Alain, Penny, and Lew.  He acknowledged Lew’s outstanding contributions over the last 3 years.  In the words of James Junke: “Lew has been a terrific President. Inclusive, insightful, hardworking, and easy going.  Lew encouraged us all and brought out the best in us, generating a club that took great advantage of what Harvard has to offer with its depth, its breadth, its commitment and its impact. Lew and Barbara opened their house for numerous salons, Lew oversaw our dramatically improved web presence, he reached out to new members, especially recent graduates, and he carefully built a seamless succession. Thank you very much Lew!"

John noted the many events that the Harvard Club has sponsored over the past three years under Lew’s stewardship.   Through these events, the Club has tackled many issues that impact on our daily lives and that are of importance to Canada and Canadians.  In so doing, the Club has raised both awareness and money for several local charities.  In his calm, persuasive, and collegial manner, Lew has ensured that the Club continues to play a leadership role engaging in thoughtful discussions on issues that impact on our collective lives.  John presented Lew with both a certificate from the Harvard Alumni Association and a book to thank Lew for his contributions.

Moving forward, John noted that he hopes to continue to serve as President in the same collective and collegial manner in which Lew operated as club President.  His goals are to ensure that the Club continues to provide a broad range of both intellectually stimulating, fun, and collegial events.  He hopes the Club will continue to hold events that make us think about how we as a Club, a city, and a Country can contribute to making this a better world for all. 


5. Other Business



6. Adjournment

Submitted by Meghan Sullivan, Recording Secretary for the AGM